4 reasons for industrial automation

20 de March de 2023
Automatización industrial

All industries and companies are looking for new opportunities through productivity and safety improvements or cost reductions.

One of these opportunities is industrial automation, systems that allow machines or repetitive processes to be monitored and controlled, providing great benefits in terms of time and cost savings.

The 4 main reasons to implement industrial automation in a company are increased productivity, increased security, greater control and management of processes, and the achievement of a competitive advantage.

Productivity increase

Automation systems can improve the quality of the products that are manufactured and at the same time reduce their costs. These systems reduce the error rate of the goods, in addition, thanks to the programming, human errors that were previously had can be prevented.

Also, they can reduce downtime by being in continuous operation 24/7, that is, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Likewise, these machines help processes to be carried out at a higher speed.

Increased safety at work

Safety issues can cause serious problems for the entire industry, as both staff and the factory can be endangered. But, with industrial automation, security elements and sensors are incorporated that control and prevent errors that may occur.

In addition, some processes are dangerous in themselves or are harmful to health, thanks to robotization, it would be the robots that would be in charge of carrying out this type of task.

Likewise, professionals could take the opportunity to generate added value to the company with other more important tasks, since they do not need to be doing dangerous and repetitive tasks.

Greater control and management of processes

It should be noted that greater control and management of the processes can be obtained, which can be beneficial at different levels, either in reducing time, in increasing the quality of each of the pieces and in the whole.

Thus, it will be possible to obtain more precise information of the processes with less effort in the collection of this data. And this will lead the company to achieve better results, because the personnel responsible for each process will be able to make better decisions.

Achievement of a competitive advantage

Everything that has been mentioned leads to the achievement of a competitive advantage, which is extremely important in this environment of so much competition in almost all sectors. In this way it is feasible to achieve less production times when manufacturing. So, you have to understand that the changes are an investment and not an expense.

You can contact our professionals at AM Soluciones and we will tell you what advantages your company can achieve thanks to automation. In addition, at AM Soluciones we offer you industrial solutions for all types of projects such as mechanical design, industrial robotics or control software programming.

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