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AM SOLUCIONES was created in 2005 with the idea of meeting the need for quality projects. Formed by technicians and engineers with great knowledge and professionalism.

AM SOLUCIONES has developed thanks to its knowledge of advanced technologies, implementing its innovative solutions to the automation of industrial processes. The high quality of its projects ensures a long-term relationship with its clients based on trust and permanent collaboration.

AM SOLUCIONES is an engineering company dedicated to industrial automation in the broadest sense, from the development of the idea and the design of the solution to the start-up, passing through the mechanical and electrical design, the realization of electrical installations and pneumatics in machines, as well as the manufacture of electrical cabinets, automation programming (Siemens, Omron, etc.), data acquisition software, servo drives, numerical control, robotics, etc.

For the different solutions, we collaborate with other companies in the sector that complement our activity, such as mechanical engineering, manufacturing and assembly workshops, electrical installers, high-level software developers, etc.

AM SOLUCIONES has a great commitment to quality, safety and the environment.
  • AM SOLUCIONES. Oficinas
  • AM SOLUCIONES. Oficinas

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