Advantages of industrial robotics in companies

10 de March de 2023
Robótica Industrial

Before beginning to explain all the benefits of industrial engineering and, in particular, industrial robotics, we are going to give you some notes on what it is.

What is industrial robotics?

Robotics, in a broad sense, is a branch derived from mechanical engineering and engineering that deals, among other aspects, with the design, construction and utility that can be given to a robot.

This discipline is closely linked to the construction of devices or machines that aim to facilitate the development of jobs that a person has to do manually and that are heavy, dangerous or repetitive.

The appearance of industrial robots was a complete change for companies. Thanks to them it is possible to create much more efficient, safe and also more accessible workspaces for any type of industry.

Industrial robotics is responsible for designing equipment that has the ability to coexist in the same workspace as people, making the work carried out by them develop in a more optimal and safe way.

This robotic technology is part of industrial engineering. Through it, it is intended to create interconnected work environments with which companies can carry out the automation of their industrial processes with the main purpose that the operators who work on these tasks are freed from carrying them out and can use that time in other areas of the company that provide more value and a higher level of effectiveness and efficiency throughout the production process.

How does industrial robotics work?

Industrial robotics is developed through robots that form a set of "robotic cells" and have a shape very similar to a mechanical arm.

These types of machines are programmed to carry out all kinds of work in collaboration with the personnel that are part of the company.

The robot can take care of performing those tasks that are repetitive and/or require a high level of precision.

The robots are equipped with various safety elements with which it is possible to avoid situations that could become dangerous for the operators who are in charge of handling them, allowing an emergency stop to occur if a fault or anomaly is located in the area. where you are working.

Advantages of industrial robotics in companies

The incorporation of robotics in companies has been a great boost for them due to the multitude of properties provided by this technology developed thanks to industrial design and also industrial engineering, which allow more and more innovation in this field.

The use of robots in companies means that tasks are carried out more quickly and efficiently, which translates into increased production and, consequently, also in billing.

Robots can perform those tasks that are repetitive or do not provide any added value, except for optimizing time.

In conclusion, several aspects can be highlighted that represent important advantages for companies.

On the one hand, its incorporation makes the production process more efficient, which has the direct consequence that production time is shorter. And, on the other hand, all the materials and resources that are used throughout the entire production process are used to the maximum.

At AM Soluciones we are experts in matters related to the design and manufacture of robotic cells and we also take care of both their assembly and commissioning.

If you have a company that uses any type of industrial automation or you are interested in incorporating it into your business, do not hesitate to contact our team of specialists in this sector to receive more information and personalized advice.

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