Automation and robotics in industry

15 de May de 2023
automation and robotics

Industrial automation and robotics are two technologies that are transforming the industry globally. The use of robots and automated systems in the production of goods and services has made it possible to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve the quality of the final products. In this article, we are going to delve into what industrial automation and robotics is, the existing types of automation and the advantages of implementing them in a company.

What is industrial automation and robotics

Industrial automation refers to the use of automated technologies and systems in the production of goods and services. This implies the integration of machinery, sensors, software and control systems to carry out tasks previously performed by humans.

Industrial robotics is a branch of industrial automation that uses programmable robots to perform specific tasks in production and manufacturing processes. Industrial robots are mechanical and electronic devices designed to work autonomously or semi-autonomously on repetitive and dangerous tasks.

Types of automation

There are different industrial automation services that can be implemented in the industry. The main types are described below:

  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programming is used in the automation of industrial processes. The main goal of PLC programming is to create a control program that allows a machine or process to run automatically.
  • Mechanical design with 3D software is a modeling tool used in mechanical engineering to create and analyze mechanical components and systems.
  • EPLAN is one of the world's leading design software solutions for manufacturers of machines, plants and control cabinets. It is a specific program for Electrical Engineering assisted by computer, which is known as a CAE. EPLAN enables engineers to create electrical circuit designs in a digital environment, helping to reduce design times and increase design accuracy.

Advantages of implementing automation and industrial robotics

The implementation of automation and industrial robotics in a company can offer a series of advantages. Some of the most prominent are the following:

  • Improves efficiency: robots and automated systems can work for longer, without rest and without the need for breaks. This makes it possible to increase productivity and reduce production costs.
  • Improves quality – Robots can perform tasks accurately and consistently, reducing errors and improving the quality of end products.
  • Increased safety: robots can perform dangerous or repetitive tasks without risk of injury. This improves job security.
  • Data Collection: Automated systems can collect real-time data on the performance and efficiency of the systems. This data can be used to improve and optimize production processes and to make informed business decisions.

Industrial automation and robotics are technologies that are transforming the industry. Its use can offer a series of advantages in terms of efficiency, cost reduction, quality improvement and occupational safety, among others. As technology continues to evolve, they are expected to continue to play an important role in improving the competitiveness and profitability of businesses.

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