Benefits and implementation of industrial robotics

14 de March de 2023
Benefits and implementation of industrial robotics

If you have a company and want to achieve a higher return on investment, known as ROI, you can implement industrial automation projects or optimize if you already have them incorporated into your company.

With industrial robots, this automation can be achieved in tasks to improve safety and to increase production. In addition, benefits are generated both in productivity and in the efficiency of resources.

What are the benefits of industrial automation?

At AM Soluciones we offer industrial solutions in industrial robotics, among other services. Industrial robotics allows to obtain improvement in business results, optimization of operations, automation of tasks and business sustainability.

Next, we explain it in more detail:

• Improved business results

Companies that use industrial automation have a competitive advantage over other companies in the same industry, even from different industries. This is because the cost and time for the production of the products can be reduced, thus achieving, as mentioned above, a higher ROI.
In addition, it improves planning at a generic level, since production completion dates can be obtained and product delivery times can be specified more accurately.

• Optimization of operations

Also, productivity and efficiency increases thanks to this because uptime increases at a good rate with little need for supervision. And they increase the quality of the operations carried out.

• Automation of tasks

Greater safety for workers can be achieved in certain sectors that affect health or are dangerous, since they would not have to carry out the work directly. In addition, the need for overtime can be reduced, since, for example, machines such as industrial robots could work for them, obtaining high-quality products and with excellent efficiency.

• Business sustainability

With industrial automation, equipment and processes can be optimized, saving costs and using less energy.

Advice on the implementation of robots in your company or factory

Some recommendations in the implementation of this solution in your business are about:

  • The production process. It is necessary to know which are the most appropriate tasks or processes for the implementation of robots. If there are processes that are repeated continuously and that are carried out daily, it can be implemented, since the aforementioned benefits will be achieved.
  • The type of industrial robot. There is a wide variety of robots with different characteristics and that are different depending on the type of activity carried out, and this is why you have to choose the robot that best suits the need for the task.
  • Operator training. It is necessary to train and integrate workers into the new system so that they can give their best and in turn increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Safety. This aspect is very important because it directly affects all people both in the company and outside of it. The machines that are implemented have to comply with the security conditions.

At AM Soluciones we are experts in automation processes and industrial robotics. If you have a company and are interested in incorporating these industrial processes into your business, contact us so that we can advise you on industrial solutions and offer you more information without obligation.

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