Eplan Electric P8 as an electrical design tool

24 de March de 2023
Eplan Electric P8

At AM Soluciones we are experts in automated process engineering and we believe that prior preparation is essential to optimize production processes. For this reason we have a team of professionals specialized in Eplan Electric P8, a software that facilitates the planning of automated processes of all kinds.

What is Eplan Electric P8?

Eplan Electric P8 is a design and automation software for the design of electrical and electronic systems. This software is designed to help engineers and technicians create and manage electrical schematics, wiring diagrams, etc.

Eplan Electric P8 is based on a data modeling platform, which means that the data is stored in a centralized database and can be shared and reused across all projects.

The software also allows integration with other design and automation tools, such as CAD and PLC.

Features of Eplan Electric P8

By using Eplan Electric P8, several benefits can be obtained, including:

Design and automation: Eplan Electric P8 allows you to design and automate electrical schematics and wiring diagrams easily and quickly, reducing time and errors in design.

Management: Eplan Electric P8 helps to automatically generate bills of materials and technical documentation, facilitating the purchase of the necessary materials and documentation for the installation and maintenance of electrical and electronic systems.

Integration: Eplan Electric P8 can be integrated with other design and automation tools, such as CAD or PLC, which allows greater efficiency in the design and automation of projects.

Automation: Eplan Electric P8 allows you to automate tasks through macros and scripts, reducing time and design errors.

Data modeling and information sharing: Eplan Electric P8 is based on a data modeling platform, which allows information to be shared and reused in all projects, improving efficiency and design quality.

Compatibility: Eplan Electric P8 is compatible with different electrical regulations and standards, allowing compliance with industry regulations and standards in each project.

Advantages of Eplan Electric P8

  • Improvement of process quality.
  • Time optimization.
  • Standardization of projects.
  • Cost reduction.

At AM Soluciones we have extensive experience in automation process engineering with Eplan Electric P8, so our professionals can guide you through all the development steps.

Contact us and we will advise you.

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