Factors to implement industrial robotics

6 de July de 2023
industrial robotics

Process automation with robots is an increasingly common trend in the industry, and it can bring many benefits in terms of efficiency, productivity, quality and safety. However, it is important to consider several factors before making the decision to implement industrial robotics in a company.

Manufacturing robots automate repetitive tasks, minimize margins of error to negligible rates, and help workers push themselves into more productive areas of the business.

In this article we will analyze the factors that should be considered when implementing robots in your industry.

What is an industrial robot and what are its functions?

Industrial robots are programmable mechanical devices that perform specific tasks in industry, such as manufacturing, assembly, packaging, welding, cutting, processing, and other automated processes. Industrial robots are used in various sectors, such as automotive, electronics, food, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, among others.

Industrial robots can be programmed to work in different environments and with different types of materials, which makes them very versatile and adaptable to the needs of each industry.

What factors should we take into account?

Cost analysis

Industrial robotics implementation can be very expensive and therefore it is important to perform a cost analysis to determine if it is a viable investment for the company.

The cost analysis must take into account several aspects, such as the acquisition cost of the robots, the programming costs, the maintenance and repair cost, the cost of training the personnel and the cost of integrating the automation systems with existing production systems.

Proper selection of industrial robotics

Robot selection should be based on the task to be automated, the type of material to be handled, the environment in which the robot will be used, the precision required, and the speed of production.

Different types of robots should be considered, such as Cartesian robots, SCARA robots, jointed-arm robots, collaborative robots, among others.

Process evaluation

It is important to evaluate the current process and determine if it is suitable for automation. Not all processes are suitable for automation and it is necessary to determine if automation will improve the process or not.

To do this, seek advice from professionals in the sector, and consult with them to make sure that it will be beneficial for the industry since its implementation requires a lot of time and resources.

Staff training

It is important that personnel are properly trained to work with robots. Training in programming, maintenance and safety will be required. And the creation of a continuous system over time that allows for adequate updating.

Since a robot that is very efficient for an industry, it will be useless if the staff is not trained and familiar.

System integration

It is necessary to integrate automation systems with existing systems. This includes integration with existing production monitoring and control software.

It is a critical aspect in the successful implementation of automation systems. To achieve efficient automation, it is necessary to integrate automation systems with the company's existing ones. This includes integration with existing production monitoring and control software.

The integration of automation systems with existing production monitoring and control software provides a complete and coherent solution for production management. It allows plant operators to monitor and control production from a centralized location, improving efficiency and reducing downtime.

Long term planning

The implantation of robots must be part of a long-term strategy for the company. It is important to plan how automation fits into the company's overall vision and how it will integrate with future plans.

The implementation of industrial robotics can be an excellent way to improve efficiency, productivity and quality in a company, but it is important to consider all these factors before making the decision to implement it. I hope this information has been helpful and has given you a better idea of the important factors to consider.

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