How to increase efficiency in mechanical design with SolidWorks

28 de September de 2023
Increase efficiency with Solidworks

Currently, companies seek to optimize efficiency and quality as much as possible. Professionals working in mechanical design engineering are continually looking for ways to improve design processes and reduce product development time without compromising their functionality or quality. So, at AM Soluciones we are going to learn how SolidWorks can increase efficiency in this design and improve the overall result of your business.

What is SolidWorks?

SolidWorks is a CAD design software that is widely used in the mechanical design industry to create 3D models and perform simulations. In addition, the program offers numerous tools and functionalities so that different parts and assemblies can be designed in detail.

Likewise, SolidWorks is used in multiple industries such as electronics, automotive, aerospace or any manufacturing thanks to its versatility. All companies that start working with SolidWorks experience an increase in efficiency in mechanical design in different aspects that we will see below.

Automation of routine tasks

SolidWorks allows you to save time when carrying out routine tasks thanks to its automation tools. One feature that stands out is parametric modeling that allows the creation of 3D models and automatic adjustment of dimensions in case of change. Therefore, you can avoid redesigning the parts from scratch.

Plus, you can save time with component libraries that feature a wide variety of standard parts that are commonly used in mechanical designs such as screws, nuts, bearings, and more. With this, you will be able to avoid the repetitive creation of these components, improve design precision and save a lot of time.

Design simulation and integrated validation

The integrated simulation and validation capacity is another way in which this tool increases efficiency in mechanical design, since it allows you to identify and solve errors or problems that parts may have before manufacturing, which reduces costs that could involve the creation of the product.

Also, SolidWorks offers tools that allow you to perform simulations in different ways, from thermal to motion, among others. Thanks to this, you can have a forecast of how the products would work in reality without having to create a physical prototype.

Real-time collaboration

In almost all mechanical design projects, the participation of several people is necessary, and knowing how to work as a team is essential. With SolidWorks tools, this real-time team collaboration can be improved, since designers can share and review everything they do simultaneously. Which means that multiple users will be able to access the same model, make changes and see updates in real time.

Additionally, SolidWorks provides 3D markup and review tools, making it easy for teams to make specific comments directly on the model. These comments simplify the communication process, reducing the possibility of errors or misunderstandings. By enabling seamless, real-time collaboration, SolidWorks improves team efficiency by streamlining the design review and approval process.

At AM Soluciones you can request all the information you need to increase efficiency in mechanical design with SolidWorks. Contact us without obligation and we will answer any questions you may have about industrial solutions. Remember that we also offer industrial solutions for projects such as industrial robotics, numerical control, PLC programming, among others.

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