Technologies in industrial automation

28 de September de 2023
Technologies in idustrial automation

Industrial automation is increasingly within the reach of companies, as it offers more and better results in production. Thanks to technological advances, this exponential growth in process automation has occurred. In this blog we will see some technologies that are being the most used in industrial automation and how they are transforming the landscape, boosting efficiency and productivity.


Industrial automation consists of making use of various devices such as software, sensors or controllers to perform tasks that previously required human intervention.

These systems are designed to monitor and control various aspects of industrial processes such as quality supervision, product handling or material flows, among others.

The benefits of automation include increased energy efficiency, cost reduction, and improved workplace safety.


As we have just seen, industrial automation technologies are driving efficiency and productivity in a multitude of sectors. Next, we will see the most used technologies in the industrial automation process.


Industrial robotics has completely transformed the automation landscape. Although they have been in factories for quite some time, with current technology they can contribute much more in a more effective way. They are capable of carrying out repetitive tasks. They are used in assembly, welding, packaging, material handling, etc. applications, allowing increased production and reducing possible errors.


The Internet of Things is the process that allows physical elements to be connected to the Internet. This allows the collection and analysis of a multitude of data in real time, which leads to greater process control, maintenance and optimization of the energy consumption of the machinery.


In recent years, the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) into our daily lives has become a reality. In the same way it is also a key component in industries. These systems allow you to analyze large volumes of data, make decisions, identify patterns and learn autonomously. This is reflected in the optimization of production by carrying out processes more quickly and accurately.


This is the new way for operators to interact with automated machinery. These technologies allow simulating scenarios and training operators in the best possible way, they also serve to provide detailed step-by-step work instructions, which represents a significant improvement in productivity both by reducing learning and configuration times, and by minimizing the mistakes.


Thanks to 3D printing, the way in which objects are produced is being revolutionized, since products and parts can be built with a higher degree of complexity, while at the same time it represents a significant reduction in time and resources.

In addition, it offers greater flexibility and customization when manufacturing products. This is because this form of production accepts a multitude of materials without any problem.

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